• mikerarer

We Aren't Happy When Our Triangle Is Broken

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) is a recreational drug with hallucinogenic properties that gained widespread popularity during the 1960’s counterculture movement. LSD gained a reputation as a drug that offered the user a positive emotional experience and escape. If only temporarily, users reported being happier when using LSD.

The LSD Triangle (also known as the Fulfillment Triangle) borrows the acronym from the drug LSD and the notion of happiness, or fulfillment, to provide a visual representation of why we remain committed to some pursuits and why we quit others. We are fulfilled, or happiest, when we like what we are doing, when we feel safe doing it, and when the dollars – the income derived from the activity or cost to participate in the activity - are acceptable. If all three of these characteristics are true, we will likely experience fulfillment and remain in that situation. But if any of these three characteristics are untrue, we are at risk of quitting the related activity. We won’t stay committed or addicted to that pursuit.

It's All About Balance

Consider the LSD Triangle for your own pursuits and relationships. Is your triangle balanced? Are you fulfilled? Are you truly addicted to pursuing your current course or are you at risk of quitting?

Consider the LSD Triangles for your customers and clients? Are they fulfilled in their relationship with you and your company?

Consider the LSD Triangles for your prospects. Do your offerings balance their triangle? If not, it will be hard to win their business.

When it comes to reaching our goals, a little addiction to the pursuit is a good thing. Having a balanced triangle provides a positive emotional experience and a feeling of fulfillment and happiness. And it’s easier to get hooked on things that make us happy.

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