• mikerarer

The Power of Superpower #7, Positivity

Through our attitude, we often set the beat for those around us. When our tempo is upbeat and positive, people want to come along. When our tempo is erratic or downbeat, people tend to shy away.

Think about people in your life who are consistently positive.

  1. Do you enjoy helping them?

  2. Are they people you find yourself drawn to when you need help?

  3. Do they inspire you to do your best?

Think about others who are erratic or consistently negative.

  1. How excited are you about helping them when they call?

  2. Are they people you would reach out to when you need help?

  3. Does spending time with them make you feel good or bad?

If you lead others, are you upbeat and positive with your team?

Are your team members upbeat and positive with each other and with other members of the company and community who help them find success?

What can you do to further encourage a positive and upbeat work environment?

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