• mikerarer

TAPS or Reveille for You Today

Dictionary.com defines Taps as “a signal by bugle or drum, sounded at night as an order to extinguish all lights, and sometimes performed as a postlude to a military funeral.” Finding success requires an honest and accurate assessment of our current situation AND a willingness to do what is required to achieve success. If we aren’t honest about where we are — our current state — or we aren’t willing to make the investments necessary, then it’s lights out for those goals. Sound the bugle and mourn the death of those dreams. But, if we are honest about our current state and we commit to doing all that is necessary, we can find success. We can trade “lights out” for the sound of reveille as we rise to the challenge. Learn more about the TAPS Grid — a simple tool to help you visualize your current state of performance — and other great tools you can adopt to find greater success at work and in life. Get Whiteboard Wisdom here: https://amzn.to/2M3e3Gs