• mikerarer

Simple is Powerful

Einstein is often credited with saying "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." He probably didn't say this, but the idea is intriguing. Do we understand something well enough to explain it in a simple and straightforward way?

Think about the last podcast or corporate keynote that resonated with you, or the last business or self-help book you really enjoyed. Chances are there are two things about that experience that are true. First, the subject matter was probably relevant and interesting to you and second, the author, speaker or presenter was able to convey important information in a way that was clear, concise and memorable. Perhaps they used analogies, metaphors, stories or simple drawings. These are all proven methods that often result in audience delight.

Think about a recent situation where you did not enjoy a presentation, podcast or reading assignment. Maybe you found yourself tuning out a presenter. Maybe you changed the channel while listening to a podcast. Maybe you stopped reading a book after the first chapter. In each of these cases, the information was probably being conveyed in a way that was hard to follow.

How well do you truly understand your own story and how good are you at telling that story?

If you are in the sales department, are you delivering your value proposition clearly and in a way that captures your buyer's attention?

If you are a leader in business, are you effectively painting a vision for your employees and investors?

If you are pursuing an individual goal or championing a cause, how effective are you at rallying support and encouragement?

I believe the whiteboard is your very best tool to hone and simplify your messages and stories so you can effectively convey your important information. Ultimately, that information may be delivered in a different medium like a YouTube Video or Podcast, a customer proposal or an investor prospectus, or a multimedia presentation from the stage. Maybe the information will ultimately be published in a book, as was the case with my book - Whiteboard Wisdom: Simple Tools to Activate Your 7 Success Superpowers. If you want a dose of reality when it comes to assessing the effectiveness and simplicity of your messages and stories, practice telling them with a dry-erase pen at the whiteboard. I'm confident the practice will dramatically improve your delivery and your message. You may also find that you understand that message better yourself and your ultimate audience will benefit.