• mikerarer

Refrigerator Goals

Did you ever put a picture of something you wanted on your refrigerator as a kid? If so, refrigerator magnets were a tool that gave you an easy way to communicate your goals. Putting pictures on the fridge, neatly affixed with flimsy magnets, was your town hall meeting! That was your way of communicating your mission statement to your extended team – your family – that obtaining this one thing was serious.

One of the magnets may have come from the local plumber. Maybe one had a picture of your pet on it. Another one might have been a reminder that your sports team was above all others. And the last one might have been just a piece of a magnet that was once the belly of a plastic butterfly. But sitting in the middle of all that magnet mayhem was THE GOAL. Your obsession and life’s singular purpose. The thing you had to have. Visibly telling everyone about that goal was a powerful tool, and putting that message somewhere unavoidable made it all the more effective. Everyone was sure to get the message, and not just once, but every time they opened or walked by that refrigerator.

Whether out of sincere love or simply because they wanted that stupid picture to go away, your family probably rallied to help you get what you desired. Maybe they also reminded you that spending your allowance on candy or your time on some other project could put the mighty refrigerator goal in jeopardy. You might have learned as a kid, like I did, that broadcasting your goals was a great way to ask for help. Maybe you also learned that you too would be held accountable for achieving those goals.

Communicate Your Business Goals Visibly and Often

“Refrigerator Goals” has become a metaphor I often use in business to communicate the goals and objectives we are committed to achieving. The goals and objectives we are willing to broadcast to everyone, visibly and often as a way to hold ourselves accountable.

So what are YOUR GOALS at work and in life? Broadcast them to everyone and do it often. Get ‘em up on your fridge – affixed by your favorite magnets - and get going!

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