• mikerarer

No Is the Same as Not Asking

How many times in life have you avoided asking for something because you thought you would hear “no”?

It takes courage to ask for things, and hearing no is a form of rejection. So it’s not surprising that most of us are selective in our requests.

In sales, we’ve learned that no is a natural response as we navigate our way to yes. We often ask for things through our interactions with our customers and clients. Sometimes the things we want are out of alignment with how they want to engage, and we get a negative response. But sometimes that initial response opens a dialogue that leads to yes as we explore the possibilities.

I’ve learned to think of no differently and I am thrilled every time I hear a story about someone getting rejected. Why? Because it means they had the courage to ask for what they wanted. They were engaging someone in a conversation. They were taking chances. They were challenging the status quo.

What if you had the courage to ask for something, even when you thought the answer would be no? You might hear no. Is that really worse than settling for an assumed no? You might hear “not right now”, or “not that way”, and both of those responses offer hope and promise. And, you might hear yes!

For example, maybe you think you are worthy of a raise or promotion, but you’re afraid to ask for fear of hearing no. What if you heard “not right now”? Wouldn’t that start a conversation about when and how you might get that advancement? Wouldn’t that be an improvement over settling for your current situation?

In what areas of your life are you assuming a negative response to the questions you want to ask? Ask those questions. You might be pleasantly surprised by the responses. Regardless, you will be better off. You’ll become more courageous as you take chances. And you’ll engage others in conversations about possibilities as you challenge the status quo.