• mikerarer

Make Getting There as Fun as Being There

Capture the Excitement of the Vacationer

The journey we go on to reach our goals in business should be fun. It should be energizing and exciting, like planning a vacation and traveling to that destination.

When we plan a vacation, we get the family together to agree on a venue and vacation dates. We make travel arrangements that fit our budget and we assign tasks to everyone involved. We meet regularly across the dinner table to review progress and assess open action items. We pull together to get things done. We overcome obstacles like pet coverage issues or worse – severe weather that renders our intended destination unavailable. We encourage each other with reminders of key activities we will enjoy when we get there. We say “thank you” and “good job” as major planning items are checked off the list. And when it is time to finally go, day one of our vacation often involves a myriad of travel activities that are rich with adventure.

From planning and preparing through packing and traveling, the “getting there” is often remembered as much as the vacation itself.

Make “Getting There” More Fun at Work

In business, we use terms like objectives and goals to define our desired destinations. But sometimes we focus so much energy on the destination, we lose sight of the trip we go on to get there. We excel at showcasing the beginning and the ending – the declaring of our goals and the celebrating when those goals are reached. But in the middle, between “let’s go” and “we made it”, between goal defined and goal achieved, is where we experience the journey.

It is on the way to our goals that we expand our capabilities and learn our limitations. It is here that we hone our planning skills and our ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. We practice asking for help and learn to appreciate each other as we pursue a common objective. And long after we’ve reached our goals, the memories of the journey will remain. Making them positive memories is a key to both enjoying the process and encouraging future attempts to reach similar destinations.

So what can you do to make the trek to your business goals more enjoyable?

1. People: Assemble a team of capable and committed people who work effectively together. You wouldn’t plan a vacation with someone else’s family instead of your own and you wouldn’t leave the planning or the driving to the kids!

2. Planning: With input and buy-in from the entire team, develop a well-defined plan to get there. If the plan isn’t inspiring, then rework the plan so everyone wants to go on the adventure.

3. Communication: Regularly assess and communicate progress and changes to the plan. If material vacation dates or destinations changed, you’d surely alert your family.

4. Accountability: Make sure everyone understands their role and confirm that everyone is doing their part.

5. Encouragement: Say “good job” and “thank you” as often as you can along the way. Don’t just wait until you reach your final destination.

Follow these steps and you will likely reach your goals and enjoy the process. You might capture the excitement of the vacationer and experience “getting there” moments you will remember long after the trip, with a team that is eager to go again!