• mikerarer

Letting Others Help You Succeed

I saw this video posted by another member of the LinkedIn community a few days ago, and initially viewed it as a nice feel good piece — something I'd been accustomed to seeing on other platforms like Facebook, but not LinkedIn. Reflecting on the video, I recognized something greater — a reminder that sometimes we fight the very people who are trying to help us, like when the seal in the video bites at the officer working so hard set the creature free. Asking for help is hard. Letting others help even when we don't think we need the help is even harder. But just like the seal in the video, getting help can be critical if we are going to move beyond being "stuck" to that place where we can thrive. Where in your life are you stuck, and who can you engage to help you break free? Are there situations in your work life where you are resisting the help being offered by others — help that might change your life?

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