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Area you and your team members leveraging all of your success superpowers?

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For Individuals

The tools outlined in this book will help you understand why you reach or miss certain goals and why you thrive in some situations and relationships but fail in others. 

For Business

Sales Professionals & Sales Leaders

  • Leverage your prospects' Motivation Superpower to develop compelling value propositions that put the power of WHY questions to work in your sales efforts and align your message to real C-level value. 

  • Win more business by leveraging the power of your prospects' Commitment Superpowers by aligning your efforts to the things that will lead to THEIR fulfillment. 

  • Pursue the right prospects and projects by using your Focus Superpower to better qualify.

Leaders, Managers and HR Professionals

  • Understand the role Primary Motivation plays in helping your team members succeed and thrive at work.

  • Learn about the TAPS Grid as a framework for assessing team member performance and candidate fit so you can make better decisions about how to invest in your colleagues. 

  • Reduce unnecessary attrition by employing the Fulfillment Triangle as a simple way to assess and improve employee commitment and fulfillment and the @BATS Triangle as a visual to encourage achievable and realistic employee goals. 

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