Area you and your team members leveraging all of your success superpowers?

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I wrote this book to share the simple, but powerful coaching tools I have been using throughout my career in technology to help individuals and teams deliver their best performance and reach more of their goals. This book will unlock the potential in seven success principles — superpowers you can use to achieve more of your goals in business and in life.

The tools outlined in this book will help you understand why you reach or miss certain goals and why you thrive in some situations and relationships but fail in others. 

  • Reach more of your goals

  • Lead great teams

  • Excel at work

  • Build better relationships

  • Find fulfillment

  • Pursue your dreams

Visualizing your situation can be a powerful aid in making better decisions, asking for help and mapping a path to success. If you can articulate your current situation with a dry-erase pen and a whiteboard, you can explain it to anyone and perhaps understand it better yourself.